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Beef soup, jerk tastes flavour is extremely delicious, and its nutrition is very rich, contain rich methyl aminoacetic acid for instance, contain rich protein and microelement additionally, want to have boiling water of a few beef, have the effect that enhances a constitution, still having is very helpful to enhancing immune power, the people in reducing weight, eat any to be able to compare discretion, fear to have a fault meeting get fat, so can the broth that drink an ox gain flesh?

Is the broth that drink an ox fat?

Is the broth that drink an ox fat?

Beef contains rich protein, amino acerbity composition is close to human body need more than pork, can increase airframe disease-resistant capacity, the person of the take good care of sb after to growing development reachs operation hind, disease is complementing the field other people such as organization of exsanguine, rehabilitate is fastened appropriate. Cold winter eats beef, have warm stomach effect, for winterFall in love with the sea

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Benefiting beautiful of preserve one’s health is tasted.

Take the advantage of beef more, how does that eat beef namely won’t fat, a lot of females fear to eat the meat the meeting is fat, and what the food that lets oneself becomes special is delicate, it is flavour of few having a place even, butForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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It is the methyl aminoacetic acid that contains in beef particularly rich, can enhance sarcous flexibility, let muscle close fact at the same time, and the effect that won’t have put on weight.

Adipose content is very low in beef, but contain a lot ofcombinative linoleic acid however, these potential antioxidant can defy the weight lifting organization that creates in motion is injured effectively. Additional, linoleic acid still can maintain muscle piece as antioxidant.

Is the broth that drink an ox fat?

Can drink, best every eat 8 minutes full, can drink water or yoghurt more, eat the fruit food that has crude fibre more, can alternative much chili taking a place, and the thing cannot have before sleeping, hold to motion everyday.

Combine specific description, if have,slant fat circumstance, still need much attention, at green development period notFall in love with the sea

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Suit excessive reduce weight,

Directive opinion:

Suggest such circumstances need to adjust, cannot reduce weight blindly, lest affect health of body physiology development to wait, eatable, the food with good nurturance is used to,

This kind of age also does not need excessive go reducing weight. Need normal food midday. Hotpot bubble steamed bun is eatable.

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Is the broth that drink an ox fat?

Directive opinion:

The proposal is normal food. Generally speaking, weight exceeds the 20% above of standard weight. Just consider to reduce weight, it is in standard limits, not was necessary to reduce weight again.

Reduce weight above all should wish health, reduce weight cannot enough blind reduces food and drink, the proposal takes exercise more.

Directive opinion:

Increase the strength that take exercise, decrease at the same time, food is measured, so OK and healthy reduce weight. Milk bubble steamed bun is OK a few use, not too much.

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