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Soft-shelled turtle is weighed again for soft-shelled turtle, when killing, this kind of crustacean animal is the most difficult. Soft-shelled turtle is become is treasure all over, each positionLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Have effect each. When killing soft-shelled turtle must first strickle knife, give soft-shelled turtle fill wine next, let soft-shelled turtle bite into finally a thing shows the head, next fast knife1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Go down to be solved directly bloodletting, the anguish that can absolve soft-shelled turtle not only so and come to eating fleshy deadbeatShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Saying mouthfeel also is admirable.

How does soft-shelled turtle kill _ how to kill soft-shelled turtle

Soft-shelled turtle, formal name turtle, call water the fish again, soft-shelled turtle, soft-shelled turtle, it is the fine of nourishing aquatic product that people likes

One: Kill alive

Kill vivid soft-shelled turtle directly, had better two people undertake, because the whole body of soft-shelled turtle is treasure, should clean their classification when butcher save stand-by. So, should press when butcher the following 3 measure;

1, had done slaughterFall in love with the sea

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The preparative; fast knife before killing 1 (cut blood-vessel to use) , chopstick 1 (so that pull neck) ,let soft-shelled turtle bite into, small bowl 2, among them 1 inside liquor of outfit a few (armor fish blood uses) , still 1 put touch only clean water (put soft-shelled turtle splanchnic with) , fast shears 1 (paunch) , soft-shelled turtle of next face program butcher can be pressed after preparative work has been done.

2, turn over soft-shelled turtle, carry face ground on the back, abdomen day day, extend the neck when it the longest exert all one’s strength when turning over, capture its with the hand cervical (its neck) is caught after useful also chopstick brings soft-shelled turtle bite into, in the meantime, put the small bowl that installs blood in front of.

How does soft-shelled turtle kill _ how to kill soft-shelled turtle

3, one person wears a glove to tackle back of soft-shelled turtle abdomen, another person is in with fast knife nape (the back of neck is arterial blood-vessel) the ministry cuts off hemal, the blood that accuses soft-shelled turtle blood in small bowl to churn with the chopstick bowls small next, answer to mention soft-shelled turtle to accuse blood with benefit in the person that charges blood to capture soft-shelled turtle abdomen to carry on the back at the same time.

4, after been kill, rinse soft-shelled turtle clean to faucet, with cut paunch quickly, paunch is best fromLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Flank opens back of whole soft-shelled turtle, the lung that picks back first (useless) , reassume gives way of hepatic, heart, bowel, so male extraction gives spermary, so female extraction goes out crudely soft-shelled turtle egg. Next these splanchnic put into the small bowl of water to be washed additionally clean. In abdomen of purify of soft-shelled turtle sliver after everything, rinse soft-shelled turtle clean again.

5, heat water with boiler, it is whole soft-shelled turtle again in boiler scald is taken out after, soft-shelled turtle skin shucks after be being taken out but.

6, splanchnic and abluent hind the gallbladder in taking out liver (gallbladder can be when fireShanghai noble baby

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Disclose is broken in sprinkling bile boiling water in order to add bright flavor, the to be taken orally after also can immersing gallbladder with liquor, liver having Qing Dynasty bright purpose effect. )

How does soft-shelled turtle kill _ how to kill soft-shelled turtle

2: Kill to death

Iron dead directly with boiled water after the soft-shelled turtle that raises course of short duration is abluent, next again flay opens chest, eviscerate. The method is to use half to heat water lukewarm 80 degrees hot water, put soft-shelled turtle in hot water to iron 3 minutes, wait for the fish out after skin is corrugate, rip the skin of soft-shelled turtle whole body gently with the hand, clean soft-shelled turtle clean again. The edge is circumjacent below the skirt edge of next Dao Congjia fish rift, remove Gai Xian, go the line is inside. The profit that reduces to death is a person also can undertake, the person that kills soft-shelled turtle especially won’t be bitten by soft-shelled turtle, kill rise to also go to the lavatory quite. Defect is to be killed so can be silt of soft-shelled turtle blood inside body, the taste that affects soft-shelled turtle slightly (advocate the) when if be in,be being steamed.


Prevent soft-shelled turtle to bite, must from the back seize soft-shelled turtle

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