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The cooked wheaten food of Chongqing area and chaffy dish very let a person be reluctant to leave, most let a person miss, still be flourishing of Chongqing wool blood, pure and authentic piquancy, add the agitate of burden and soup juice, it is very sterling not only, also be to love to eat hot the cate that loves most with the friend of heavy taste, the way of flourishing of Chongqing wool blood is simple, prepare burden and recipe, the soup mix up feeds material to be put together with what get ready finally, pure and authentic Mao Xiewang finished.

The practice with the most authentic flourishing of Chongqing wool blood

Mao Xiewang


Duck blood, 100 leaves, soya bean bud, asparagus lettuce leaf wait

Flavoring: Valve of Pi county beans, jiang Pian, garlic piece, fleshy bone soup, do chili, chinese prickly ash, gourmet powder (optional) , gallinaceous essence, rock candy, chopped green onion.


Next oil inside 1. boiler open valve of beans of county of Pi of general of medium baking temperature, gingerSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
, garlic, fry with small fire stir-fry before stewing sweet, add soup-stock to boil after making, put crystal sugar next, gallinaceous essence, open conflagration to be boiled.

Leaf of 2. asparagus lettuce is ironed in boiler a little scoop on one discontinue, put the render in big bowl.

Blood of 2. general duck, 100 leaves section, flying water, join the Shang Li that has boiled with soya bean bud, dozen of good background big Shang Penli is loaded after be being burned, scatter chopped green onion.

The practice with the most authentic flourishing of Chongqing wool blood

Flourishing of blood of plain dish wool


Pig blood or duck blood the 150 grams, Shan fish that has killed 2, bittern pig’s large intestines partly root, Bai Baixie 60 grams, square ham is 80 grams, yellow bean sprouts 60 grams, caraway 2

Green Chinese onion 10 grams, alone garlic 1-2, 8 grams, Gan Gongjiao controls ginger 20 times, Chinese prickly ash, rock candy is 10 grams, sweet foliaceous 3-4 piece, lilac 4 bead left and right sides, anise 1, cassia bark 1, caoguo a certain number of

Vegetable oil 6 big spoon, soup-stock 2 cup, old take essence of life of 50ML of 1 big spoon, rice wine, salt, chicken


1, the Gan Gongjiao that measures the in part is cut paragraph, green, ginger, garlic is cut small-scale.

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Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
2, will sweet leaf, clove, anise, cassia bark, careless1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
Break into pieces into food arrange machine if really.

The practice with the most authentic flourishing of Chongqing wool blood

3, boiler measures oil into the half, red any of several hot spice plants of smoked bean curd of small fire fly into rage and Chinese prickly ash.

4, conflagration of bead of garlic of rejoin green ginger is fried sweet.

5, the perfume that rejoin has made is broken fry sweet.

6, the boiler on the flavoring lid that has fried covers boil in a covered pot over a slow fire 1 hour or so stand-by.

7, bittern pig’s large intestines cuts paragraphs small, ham is cut square piece.

8, heat half boiler water, make half minutes of or so fish out into scald of soya bean bud.

9, scald of rejoin pig blood makes half minutes of or so fish out.

10, if water became dirty,change water to be burned, join Shan Duan Chao to make 1 minute control fish out, what purify drops its surface is mucous.

11, the lid opens after stew good flavoring, join soup-stock to be burned, join rock candy, old smoke, salt, join pig’s large intestines Duan Hehuo leg piece boil 1 minute or so.

12, rejoin pig blood piece boil 2 minutes or so.

13, join fish of essence of rice wine, chicken, Shan, 100 leaves, bean sprouts to boil moment to fill finally piece.

14, the oil that clean boiler measures into other in part, the Gan Gongjiao of sweet other in part mixes small fire fly into rage Chinese prickly ashShanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

15, in the bowl that filling hairiness blood flourishing, scatter on caraway paragraph namelyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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