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Very much now female hairdressing is raised colour, reduce weight thin body, rely on fermented glutinous rice to solve completely. Although capacity for liquor is very sweet, pure sweet smell can letShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The person likes very much. And in the process that drinking, reduce weight thin body can let a person feel very pretty good, egg bender appears very drab, when making egg wine so, can wine of egg of make it red jujube or it is pattern practice.

The pattern practice of egg wine

Fermented glutinous rice of red jujube egg


Polished glutinous rice 4 cups, medicinal liquor 2.


Polished glutinous rice is added more in electric rice cooker1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The evaporate that choose water is ripe, put tepid when smash medicinal liquor put the agitate in the meal even, build upper cover to put oven next, turn on oven lamp only, those who use oven light is tepid make fermented glutinous rice ferments, two day hind are good.

Gong Zaoxian bubble is soft, the bowl is put in boilerShanghai noble baby

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Water, after water leaves, put 6 spoon fermented glutinous rice, red jujube is put after leaving, 2 spoon candy, after scramFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Destroy the egg put bowl in. Fermented glutinous rice of red jujube egg is good.

The pattern practice of egg wine

Rummy egg


Egg 2, rummy 1 bowl, ginger right amount, candy teaspoon

The pattern practice of egg wine


1, good egg decoct, shovel piece

2, will rummy put the boil inside boiler, put into ginger

3, put the egg together 3 minutes are boiled inside boiler, put sugar, give boiler.

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