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Article introduction

Crayfish is the food that people summer likes, especially of summer a few good friends go up about in the evening prawn of stew having oil regards as the late food is again appropriate nevertheless, but some people like to drink orange juice, orange juice can give our body complement a lot of vitamins, the orange juice of a cup of iced can come when the choice is eating crayfish, feel so tie-in to rise the meeting is very comfortable, so drink orange juice to be done so at the same time when eating crayfish appropriate?

Eat crayfish to be able to drink orange juice

Orange juice cannot be drunk quite when eating crayfish, can cause otherwise toxic, and notice crayfish cannot follow the following food one case even eat:

1, the food that contains a lot ofvitamin C.

Gao Nong is contained to spend compound of 5 price arsenic in shrimp flesh, its itself is harmless to human body, when many vitamin C is being taken when Dan Retong, 5 price arsenic is met by reductive intoShanghai Long Feng forum

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Tervalent arsenic, namely 3 oxidation 2 arsenic, common weighs arsenic, can bring about acute arsenic poisoning.

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Contain a lot ofthe fruit of vitamin C: If the; such as citric, orange contains a lot ofthe vegetable of vitamin C: Tomato, carrot, green pepper.

Eat crayfish to be able to drink orange juice

2, the food with tannic acid more content.

Shrimp flesh contains the nutriment such as taller protein, calcic, phosphor, if contain tannic acid to measure faster food to eat together together, can reduce the nutrient ingredient of shrimp flesh not only, and can make among them calcic kind be united in wedlock with tannic acid, make a kind of stodgy material, cause the symptom such as vomiting, giddy, disgusting, bellyacke.

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Fruit: Persimmon, grape, pomegranate, hawkthorn; The beverage with tannic acid more content: The vegetable with more content of tannic acid of; of of all kinds boiled water: HollowLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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3, cannot mix shrimp commensal is other kind of food.

① pumpkin: The nutrient value of shrimp is extremely high, can enhance the immune force of human body and sexual function, filling kidney Zhuang Yang, fight premature senility. But shrimp cannot eat together with pumpkin, because be fed together,can cause dysenteric (acute bowel path1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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One of contagion) , can use detoxify of black soya bean, licorice.

Eat crayfish to be able to drink orange juice

② fruit juice: Fruit juice (especially orange juice, pear juice) contain vitamin C more, appear easily vitamin C excessive is toxic phenomenon.

③ soya bean: Soya bean contains a lot ofprotein, peptic effect, but can cause the symptom such as indigestion at the same time with shrimp.

④ red jujube: Gong Zaofu contains a vitamin, the vitamin that feeds red jujube and shrimp to be able to make red jujube medium together the 5 oxidation in shrimp or dried small shrimps 2 arsenic are reductive into 3 oxidationForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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2 arsenic (arsenic) , cause thereby toxic.

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