Dragon of horse of male team of China of contest of 2019 worlds ping 4 than 1 beat American young general to block accept gram

Beijing time on Ap上海夜网

ril 24 before dawn, the 2nd round of match pulls open male single of contest of Budapest world ping opening, accept of young general card overcomes the United States of adversary of the 2nd singles that dragon of horse of the vole player, champion that defend crown welcomed current competition.

Block Na Kejin 18 years old year, the Olympic Games is made an appointment with to go up in, only he of 15 created Olympic Games male single to take part in the match the record with the youngest age, green 2018 Olympic Games, he wins male single bronze medal, achieved the one big breakthrough of American ping-pong. Trainin爱上海龙凤419桑拿

g suits before the contest before, equestrian Long Cenghe blocks the training since Na Keyi, and evaluation of height of accord the other side, say frankly to imagine than me actual strength of medium American team member 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

is ambitious. Just as one would expect, in this round of match, kanake was made to Ma Long enough big trouble.

Head bureau match, kanake takes the lead in starting, he makes Ma Long very incommensurate by right of the aggression of changeful circuitry and high quality, suppress position also is assumed on score, 11:8, kanake takes the lead in taking below one bureau. The 2nd bureau, after Ma Long got used to the drive rhythm of the other side and circuitry gradually, begin gradually the palm controls match aspect, very fast with 11:6Turn an one city, bilateral battle is become 1 than 1 smooth. Tighten the 3rd bureau that catch, ma Long strengthens offensive, although Kanake tries hard to cast off passive situation all the time, but the method is not too much, ma Long with 11:7Leave one town again, big score 2 exceed instead than 1 implementation.

Crucial the 4th bureau, bilateral contention begins to turn white-hot, 8:4 is obtained after Long Zaizhong bureau crosses the horse上海夜网论坛

Banner, block accept to ov上海贵族宝贝论坛

ercame body to reveal however what not agree with with the age is composed, adept, chase after score 9:9 graduallySmooth, two people launch 上海千花网论坛

seesaw battle later, ma Long is in 12 the opportunity holds to get dichotomy repeatedly after making the same score with 14:12 hardship win out, expand into of will banner situation 3 than 1. After this bureau passes, ma Long jumps over Zhan Yueyong, faith of gram blocking offer is apparent be thwarted, ma Long with 11:6Take the 5th bureau, big score 4 than 1 beat rival, promotion male single the 3rd round.

Original title: World ping surpasses the 2nd round – Ma Long 4 than 1 beat American young general to block accept to overcome responsibility to edit: Li Xiaoling

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