” Fate/EXTELLA ” new attend a war does the part wear so little accost the enemy?

” Fate ” series is newest make behavioral game ” Fate/EXTELLA ” will on June 2, 2016 the FAMI of newest first phase of put on sale connects a magazine to go up open and newest attend a war part introduction.

Besides ” Fate/EXTELLA ” before the Yu Zao that when announcing, has appeared, Ni Luhe besides Adila, another He Nilu that appears in the magazine is deciding be us almost in the part of PK inferior king of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument: Aertuoliyapandelagong.

” Fate/Extella ” will this year November put on sale, have Chinese edition certainly, chinese version bag contains edition of edition of common edition, set limit to, luxurious set limit to.

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