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The flesh of shrimp flesh is compared character tender, flavour little feel well is juicily, taste exceeding bright, the shrimp in modern life also became people special one kind when love feeds capable person, almost the shrimp flesh big food that every family can make cooperate ingredient. And shrimp should handle clean ability travel before cooking, especially the processing of prawn line must careful, Love Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Because shrimp line is the enteron of shrimp, shrimp line looks to be in below? The personage that likes to have shrimp is OKForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Where is shrimp line?

The back of every shrimp and abdomen have a black line each, that black line of back is the alvine path of shrimp, namely the shrimp line that we say usually or shrimp bowel, it is shrimp has not excrete the thing that go out among them. The thing in shrimp line not only very dirty, and contain a few pairs of healthy and adverse toxin, before cook or must want to get rid of before edible.

1, the will refrigerant shrimp defrost below room temperature.

Can add Wen Shui, quicken defrost. If adding hot water defrost, can make shrimp molten affects little taste.

Do in the home how does shrimp go shrimp line

2, water is changed after defrost.

Refrigerant water too too icy, change water to point to in order to protect a hand.

Do in the home how does shrimp go shrimp line

Where is shrimp line?

3, shrimp head take out.

Shrimp ahead has the secretion of shrimp, it is OK to be save trouble take out. Of course, course processing also can make shrimp head sauce.

Do in the home how does shrimp go shrimp line

4, begin from the back that leans the head closely, insert toothpick.

Wear shrimp carapace broken, next winkle of gently will black line. AttentionLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
, had better not choose black route, lest carry black line cut out for many times,give the meat of shrimp.

5, carry on the back down shrimp, continue line.

Shrimp carapace contains calcic amount very tall, can withhold. When pricking housing with toothpick, do not want case of along with shrimp one case as far as possible take out. If make exception of criterion of shelled fresh shrimps.

Where is shrimp line?

6, rinse in clear water.

Go the line passesA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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In Cheng, appear sometimes black line of the rear hard winkle, rinse with water. Additional, also should notice to clean in shrimp carapace, disconnecting shrimp line may be hanged on housing, can use toothpick winkle.

Where above is to shrimp line namely explained, hope everybody can understand. The flavour of shrimp is delicious and clinking, but should handle clean ability to eat so that be at ease quite.

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