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Article introduction

In restaurant of class of a lot of stars, mao Xiewang is among them fascia dish, taste of wool blood flourishing is bitterer, a lot of youths like to eat very much. Mao Xiewang originates at first Chongqing brim area, because flavour is carried on gradually distinctly,be in each places, among them Mao Xiewang of pig’s large intestines most suffer everybody to welcome, add a few agaric, tremella to wait again for raw material with pig’s large intestines, beef, pork, make up in what secret makes condiment below, can the flourishing of blood of wool of pig’s large intestines with goluptious make it.

Flourishing of blood of wool of pig's large intestines

Mao Xiewang magnetism of Chongqing of this dish traceable implement buccal dock, because the bearer that is before gets on the market with save trouble thoroughly those who buy the ox of remnant and pig is splanchnic reach cole to add beans of Chinese prickly ash of Shanghai any of several hot spice plants to do the go with rice after in waiting for condiment to be put in a boiler, be being thoroughlied cook to eat, more appetizing, eat many ability is strongly to enrage. Still compare popularity before this dish a few years in Chongqing, very good also do, say a the simplest method. . .

Method one:

Advocate makings;

Pig’s large intestines, hematic flourishing


The stripping and slicing after 1. pig’s large intestines is thoroughlied cook, hematic flourishing is put in the water that heats to cross water fish out after redemptive home stand-by.

2. boiler issues Jiang Si after oil is hot, garlic bead, green pepper bead, garlic is white paragraph fry sweet hind next flourishing entering blood after frying a few seconds into pig’s large intestines break up fry a minute to arrive into boiled water nothing is more… than hematic flourishing is burned, the bubble above take out, now and then break up, baked wheaten cake goes to the left and right sides 5 minutes in.

3. puts cooking wine, balm, a few vinegar, gallinaceous essence, red any of several hot spice plants is young, garlic bolt paragraph, salt, pepper, white sugar a few breaks up fry even.

4. ticks off the juice that nod Gorgon euryale, like the affiliation with hot hemp oil of Chinese prickly ash or put bead of Chinese prickly ash ahead of schedule, also can put pig’s large intestines again after fabaceous valve is joined to fry when frying flavor, install caraway is put above soup hind can.

Method 2

1, cut duck blood piece, enter; of the fish out after boiling water float is boiled

Bud of 2. , soya bean cuts fibrous root;

3, ham bowel cuts big, pork (fat thin half and half) cut piece, asparagus lettuce head cuts a;

4, chrysanthemum is smoked go Sui pistil, dry chili cuts section;

Flourishing of blood of wool of pig's large intestines

5, chaffy dish footing leaves with to hydrate, put boil is burned to boil flavour; inside boiler

6, next refined salt, gourmet powder, put hematic flourishing, eel piece, agaric of hair of bud of bowel of water hair squid, ham, cutlet, soya bean, water, green Chinese onion and all sorts of vegetable boil; in all

7, wait for soya bean bud to break boiler of unripe of people of talent to turn into the basin inside, put; of abdomen of water be scared

8, on fire of flourishing of the buy that fry pan, pour oil to burn to 6 into heat, put chili item flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil to show palm red, blast of next Chinese prickly ash are sweet, drench go up inside the basin desk.

How does the flourishing of blood of burden _ wool of flourishing of 16 wool blood burn _ Mao Xiewang footing recipe

A lot of people like to eat Mao Xiewang, but the Mao Xiewang in total feeling cafeteria always is compared what make in the home is delicious. Actually, the mainest reason is the burden of the Mao Xiewang that make and restaurant is different, if want flourishing of him singeing blood, must choose new duck blood, immerse 20 minutes with boiling water first, purify fishy smell, add a few burden such as green vegetables of bean sprouts agaric again, boil slowly with red oil make, can be made and become. The recipe introduces to old furniture body below.

Method one

Advocate makings: Duck blood (white duck) (500 grams) soya bean bud (150 grams) complementary makings: Eel (100 grams) , abdomen of water be scared (100 grams) , pork (fertilizer is thin) (100 grams) , ham bowel (150 grams) , water sends a squid (50 grams) day lily (50 grams) agaric (water hair) (50 grams) , . Condiment: Green Chinese onion (50 grams) , salt (3 grams) , chili (red, pointed, dry) (15 grams) , Chinese prickly ash (5 grams) , cooking wine (10 grams) , gourmet powder (10 grams) , vegetable oil (50 grams) .

Flourishing of blood of highest grade wool is try to improve on the foundation here joined flesh of abdomen of holothurian, wool, eel, yellow larynx piece, lunch sliced meat.

Condiment: Any of several hot spice plants of chili, hemp.

Put chili, Chinese prickly ash, thick broad-bean sauce, ginger, garlic, salad oil into boiler, fry with small fire stir-fry before stewing sweet, add soup to boil after making, scoop up taphole, put into the condiment such as gourmet powder, white sugar, vinegar next. Will advocate complementary makings section, change knife, flying water, add the red soup juice that has boiled inside, vessel is loaded after be being burned, scatter chopped green onion. Burn salad oil heat, put Chinese prickly ash, chili, boil in water for a while gives sweet smell, irrigate quickly above become namely.

Method 2

Raw material: Duck brisket, pig heart, pig abdomen, ham bowel, xianggu mushroom, sea Chinese cabbage, soya bean bud, green Chinese onion, bubble chili, do chili, bovine oil, balm, chinese prickly ash, gourmet powder, gallinaceous feed

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Cut duck blood flourishing contrast of one brief note, pigeon breast flesh, pig abdomen, bowel of leg of pig internal heat is cut piece, cut Xianggu mushroom piece, sea Chinese cabbage, celery cuts a part stand-by.

2, fry boiler to place flourishing fire to go up, add touch Chinese cabbage of oil general sea, celery, section of green Chinese onion, soya bean bud is fried ripe, put tasty essence of life, add a few sesame oil, do inside bowl of outfit having pot the bottom is done to use inside the bowl.

3, will fry boiler to place flourishing fire to go up, pigeon breast flesh, pig abdomen, pig heart, ham bowel is put fry bubble chili is added inside boiler, dry chili can be fried to sweet, add a few fresh boiling water, put bovine oil next, balm, gourmet powder, fill after the boiler since gallinaceous essence had fried those who do a bottom to use become namely on complementary makings.

Method 3

Advocate makings: Duck blood 1, eelLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Fish 1

Complementary makings: Soya bean bud 300 grams, yellow larynx 200 grams, tripe 200 grams, luncheon meat 200 grams, lettuce (Hua Xie 250 grams, suffer from Ju 250 grams

Condiment: Salt 5 grams, chinese prickly ash 5 grams, dry chili 20 grams, cooking wine 15 milliliter, green Chinese onion 1 paragraph, the plant is oily 45 milliliter, soup-stock 800 milliliter

Taste: Hemp piquancy

Plan time: 15 minutes

Number: 3 people

Cooking time: 15 minutes

1, cut duck blood and luncheon meat 1cm the flake of square of thick, 4cm. After eel butcher is clean, clear water is rinsed clean, cut paragraphs what grow into 5cm is small again. Bai Baixie is abluent, cut the filament of comb form. Yellow larynx cuts 5cm to grow paragraphs small.

2, soya bean bud is broken go a ministry is abluent. Dry chili cuts 1cm with scissors wide paragraphs small. Green Chinese onion cuts inclined silk stand-by. Shallot is abluent and mincing.

3, right amount hot water is put in boiler, duck blood is put after boil of big baked wheaten cake piece, eel paragraph, 100 Xie Si float boil yellow larynx Duan Hebai about 2 minutes, float goes miscellaneous foam, fish out drop does moisture.

4, bitter Ju, lettuce is washed clean put basin end, 1 tablespoon is put in boiler (the oil of 15ml) , wait for burn to 5 silk of green Chinese onion is put to explode when becoming heat sweet, put soya bean bud and saline 1/2 teaspoon subsequently (3g) breaks up fry about 3 minutes, bottom food is made in filling a basin again.

5, in putting footing of Chongqing chaffy dish bowl, conflagration is fried after changing, transfer into carry on wine and chicken broth, duck blood is put after burning boil piece, eel paragraph, yellow larynx Duan Hebai 100 leaves silk, luncheon meat, after burning boil again, continue to burn boil 5 minutes, in filling a basin next.

Flourishing of blood of wool of pig's large intestines

6, the rest of oily (2 spoon, 30ml) falls into boiler, wait for burn to 4 when becoming heat, paragraphs will dry chili is smallShanghai noble baby

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Put with Chinese prickly ash, turn small fire slowly scamper gives sweet smell, drench finally in the basin, scatter garlic sprouts to break can.

Method 4

Advocate makings: Duck blood, ripe make tripe, Niu Baixie, salt square ham, soya bean bud

Complementary makings: Flavoring of wool blood flourishing, salt, cooking wine, candy, unripe smoke, caraway, green, ginger, garlic, balm, garlic bolt, ripe Zhi1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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1.Prepare all feeding material.

2.Duck blood is abluent stripping and slicing, niu Baixie and tripe are cut, ham section.

3.The water in boiler is burned open 100 leaves and tripe scald to be ironed reserve.

4.Boil duck blood again on 5 minutes of fish out reserve.

5.Fry boiler to pour oil to explode garlic of sweet green ginger.

6.Fry condiment a fragrance.

7.Enter bean sprouts to break up fry

8.Add right amount clear water and a few white sugar.

9.Join cooking wine.

10.Add a few to be born smoke.

11.Boil on 5-8 joins duck blood to continue to boil after minute on 5Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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– 8 minutes.

12.Rejoin 100 leaves and tripe.

13.Boil join salt and gallinaceous essence to flavor.

14.Put ham to cook switch fire finally.

15.Fill Mao Xiewang piece, balm is joined to burn heat in boiler.

16.Irrigate hot oil on Mao Xiewang.

17.Scatter again on garlic bolt caraway and ripe sesame seed namely good.

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