[how is hot drink of food crops food grains other than wheat and rice done? ] – of practice of the daily life of a family of _ of the _ method that make

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The everybody in the life often hears of food crops food grains other than wheat and rice this noun, but a lot of people do not know what food crops food grains other than wheat and rice includes, actually food crops food grains other than wheat and rice basically includes paddy, wheat, soja, corn and potato kind, the mainest is crop of a few grain, call food crops food grains other than wheat and rice so, the living conditions of people is better and better now, everybody more notice preserve one’s health, that is about to have food grains other than wheat and rice of a few food crops more, everybody teachs to become the means of hot drink of food crops food grains other than wheat and rice below.

How is hot drink of food crops food grains other than wheat and rice done?

The practice of hot drink of food crops food grains other than wheat and rice:

This taste is more. Thinkable can make it hot drink. Basically be how tie-in mostForum of baby of new Shanghai noble Shanghai noble baby communicates an area. Can do earthnut of juice of ormosia of lotus seed of juice of pumpkin of the seed of Job’s tears, corn juice, lily, tremella to show. Quite pretty good.

As enter hiemal pace gradually, climate can say is even more cold, regular meeting of classics of a lot of people plaints, have autumn pants only how can warm hibernateForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai? Actually, to the person that handles official bussiness for a long time before computer, it doesn’t matter can be in than holding a cup of hot drink in both hands hand, the thing of warmer popular feeling. A cup of hot drink, can let body nice and warm rise not only, still have the effect that protects a heart, what let the hot drink of person warm heart so? Below, small make up share together with everybody below!

Malic vinegar contains the antioxidant that is beneficial to heart health in great quantities in malic vinegar, the vitamin C that at the same time it contains a lot ofand potassium element also can promote cardiac muscle health. In addition, research discovers malic vinegar can improve alvine path environment, promote digest, kill harmful bacteria, alleviate arthritis is aching, promote reduce weight.

This drink contains many vitamin C and antioxidant, very beneficial to the heart. Pass these introduction, whether to know the practice of these hot drink and effect? Take a glass rapidly, get on a cup for him bubble!

How is hot drink of food crops food grains other than wheat and rice done?

Golden harvests eight treasures duck


Smooth duck 1, eight treasures stuffing expects: Polished glutinous rice, sausage, xianggu mushroom, chestnut, ginkgo, winter bamboo shoots, fume dry, carrot each are right amount, condiment: Cooking wine, soy, candy, salt, ginger, sweet leaf, anise, cassia bark


Inside and outside of cooking wine, soy, salt is used after 1 smooth duck is abluent pass the night of the souse that wipe divide evenly.

Water steam is lain between after immersing 2 hours after pan of 2 polished glutinous rice is clean ripe. Sausage, Xianggu mushroom, chestnut, ginkgo, winter bamboo shoots, f[……]

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[is the broth that drink an ox fat? ] _ of _ get fat affects –

Article introduction

Everybody likes most propbably eatA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a cityBeef soup, jerk tastes flavour is extremely delicious, and its nutrition is very rich, contain rich methyl aminoacetic acid for instance, contain rich protein and microelement additionally, want to have boiling water of a few beef, have the effect that enhances a constitution, still having is very helpful to enhancing immune power, the people in reducing weight, eat any to be able to compare discretion, fear to have a fault meeting get fat, so can the broth that drink an ox gain flesh?

Is the broth that drink an ox fat?

Is the broth that drink an ox fat?

Beef contains rich protein, amino acerbity composition is close to human body need more than pork, can increase airframe disease-resistant capacity, the person of the take good care of sb after to growing development reachs operation hind, disease is complementing the field other people such as organization of exsanguine, rehabilitate is fastened appropriate. Cold winter eats beef, have warm stomach effect, for winterFall in love with the sea Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phoneBenefiting beautiful of preserve one’s health is tasted.

Take the advantage of beef more, how does that eat beef namely won’t fat, a lot of females fear to eat the meat the meeting is fat, and what the food that lets oneself becomes special is delicate, it is flavour of few having a place even, butForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net 1000 beautiful community of ShanghaiIt is the methyl aminoacetic acid that contains in beef particularly rich, can enhance sarcous flexibility, let muscle close fact at the same time, and the effect that won’t have put on weight.

Adipose content is very low in beef, but contain a lot ofcombinative linoleic acid however, these potential antioxidant can defy the weight lifting organization that creates in motion is injured effectively. Additional, linoleic acid still can maintain muscle piece as antioxidant.

Is the broth that drink an ox fat?

Can drink, best every eat 8 minutes full, can drink water or yoghurt more, eat the fruit food that has crude fibre more, can alternative much chili taking a place, and the thing cannot have before sleeping, hold to motion everyday.

Combine specific description, if have,slant fat circumstance, still need much attention, at green development period notFall in love with the sea Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phoneSuit excessive reduce weight,

Directive opinion:

Suggest such circumstances need to adjust, cannot reduce weight blindly, lest affect health of body physiology development to wait, eatable, the food with good nurturance is used to,

This kind of age also does not need excessive go reducing weight. Need normal food midday. Hotpot bubble steamed bun is eatable.

Treasure of new Shanghai nobleShanghai noble baby Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a netShellfish forum Shanghai noble baby communicates an areaIs the broth that drink an ox fat?

Directive opinion:

The proposal is normal food. Generally speaking, weight exceeds the 20% above of standard weight. Just consider to reduce weight, it is in standard limits, not was necessary to reduce weight again.

Reduce weight above all should[……]

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[flourishing of blood of wool of pig’s large intestines] how does _ make _ pig large intestine –

Love Shanghai is the same as a city Fall in love with the seaArticle introduction

In restaurant of class of a lot of stars, mao Xiewang is among them fascia dish, taste of wool blood flourishing is bitterer, a lot of youths like to eat very much. Mao Xiewang originates at first Chongqing brim area, because flavour is carried on gradually distinctly,be in each places, among them Mao Xiewang of pig’s large intestines most suffer everybody to welcome, add a few agaric, tremella to wait again for raw material with pig’s large intestines, beef, pork, make up in what secret makes condiment below, can the flourishing of blood of wool of pig’s large intestines with goluptious make it.

Flourishing of blood of wool of pig's large intestines

Mao Xiewang magnetism of Chongqing of this dish traceable implement buccal dock, because the bearer that is before gets on the market with save trouble thoroughly those who buy the ox of remnant and pig is splanchnic reach cole to add beans of Chinese prickly ash of Shanghai any of several hot spice plants to do the go with rice after in waiting for condiment to be put in a boiler, be being thoroughlied cook to eat, more appetizing, eat many ability is strongly to enrage. Still compare popularity before this dish a few years in Chongqing, very good also do, say a the simplest method. . .

Method one:

Advocate makings;

Pig’s large intestines, hematic flourishing


The stripping and slicing after 1. pig’s large intestines is thoroughlied cook, hematic flourishing is put in the water that heats to cross water fish out after redemptive home stand-by.

2. boiler issues Jiang Si after oil is hot, garlic bead, green pepper bead, garlic is white paragraph fry sweet hind next flourishing entering blood after frying a few seconds into pig’s large intestines break up fry a minute to arrive into boiled water nothing is more… than hematic flourishing is burned, the bubble above take out, now and then break up, baked wheaten cake goes to the left and right sides 5 minutes in.

3. puts cooking wine, balm, a few vinegar, gallinaceous essence, red any of several hot spice plants is young, garlic bolt paragraph, salt, pepper, white sugar a few breaks up fry even.

4. ticks off the juice that nod Gorgon euryale, like the affiliation with hot hemp oil of Chinese prickly ash or put bead of Chinese prickly ash ahead of schedule, also can put pig’s large intestines again after fabaceous valve is joined to fry when frying flavor, install caraway is put above soup hind can.

Method 2

1, cut duck blood piece, enter; of the fish out after boiling water float is boiled

Bud of 2. , soya bean cuts fibrous root;

3, ham bowel cuts big, pork (fat thin half and half) cut piece, asparagus lettuce head cuts a;

4, chrysanthemum is smoked go Sui pistil, dry chili cuts section;

Flourishing of blood of wool of pig's large intestines

5, chaffy dish footing leaves with to hydrate, put boil is burned to boil flavour; inside boiler

6, next refined salt, gourmet powder, put hematic flourishing, eel piece, agaric of hair of bud of bowel of water hair sq[……]

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[steaky pork of Han type decoct] _ does _ how to do –

Article introduction

Because it has lean lean to have fat again already,steaky pork is called steaky pork is, the lean lean inside this is the tenderest, and 5 flowers1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend 1000 beautiful net forum of ShanghaiThe flesh contains high protein, lean lean can let become tenderer after fat melts, the food of the very much and so on that buckle the flesh is made with steaky pork. People can try all sorts of methods to make steaky pork, steaky pork of Han type decoct is among them a kind of practice, the steaky pork pork that makes with this kind of method is qualitative fresh and tender, mouthfeel is very good. Everybody teachs specific method belowShanghai Long Feng forum Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble.

Steaky pork of Han type decoct

Steaky pork (call rib the flesh, three-layer flesh again) the abdomen that is located in a pig, pig abdomen is adipose the organization is very much, among them carry secretly is worn musculature, fat thin interval, friend says ” steaky pork ” . The lean lean of this part is the tenderest also and most juice.

Steaky pork is all the time a few representative in the optimal leading role of dish, if Jinan handle flesh, Mei Cai buckles the flesh, south breast buckles the flesh, east flesh of evaporate of flesh of young of meal of slope flesh, cook again flesh, bittern flesh, melon, pink is waited a moment. Its fat encounters thermal capacitance to be changed easily, lean lean is long boil also not bavin.

The flesh kind contain protein to abound, be in commonly 10-2Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai0% between. Lean lean contains protein than fat much. The flesh kind food contains protein is high grade protein, what contain not only is indispensible azotic radical is acerbity comprehensive, amount is much, and scale is appropriate, receive the protein that is bordering on human body, digest easily absorb.

The flesh kind in adipose content is controlled on average in 10-30% , basically be all sorts of fatty acid and glycerine 3 fat. Still have a few lecithin, cholesterol, dissociate adiposeFall in love with the sea Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phoneAcid reachs pigment of fat dissolve sex. Fleshy lipoid fat can supply more quantity of heat, if 100 grams are fat,pork can offer heat to measure 830 kilocalorie.

Steaky pork of Han type decoct

The flesh kind contain 1% or so inorganic salt about, in lean lean more, especially the content inside viscera is very rich. If iron is contained to be 25 milligram in 100 grams pork liver, bovine liver contains 5 milligram.

The flesh kind still acid of more vitamin B1, B2, Nick waits, like pork (fertilizer is thin) every 100 grams contain milligram of vitamin B1 0.53, B2

0.12 milligram, Nick is acerbity 4.2 milligram. Viscera content is higher, especially hepatic, pork liver of every 100 grams contains vitamin B2   about 2.11 milligram, the many 15-20 in comparing muscle times, the Buddhist nun overcomes acid to contain reason to be 16.2 milligram, more than muscle 4-5 times. The vitamin B1 content in liver of ox, sheep also compares the many 5-6 in musculature times. In addition[……]

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[how has been the bean curd that the child has done] how does _ children _ do –

Article introduction

Bean curd is the food that a kind of a lot of people like to eat, also be a kind can huge humanness system is additional the food of a variety of nutrition. Bean curd agrees with a lot of crowds eat, e.g. to dot character, often eat bean curd, be beneficial to its development and healthy. So, how should be the bean curd that the child has done? Below, introduce the cooking method of a few kinds of bean curd that suit children to eat for everybody!

How has been the bean curd that the child has done

One, bean curd of the daily life of a family

Material: Bean curd, salt, chicken essence, green, ginger, garlic, unripe smoke, fabaceous valve, thick chili sauce, white sugar


1, the evaporate in putting boreal bean curd a pot for steaming food is controlled 10 minutes, take out cool reserve.

2, cut bean curd lozenge piece, thin thick moderate.

3, oil is put to burn to inside boiler 6 the left and right sides that become heat, put bean curd piece, decoct comes two sides is golden give boiler to reserve.

4, Qing Gongjiao is cut paragraph, the oil that scamper bean curd uses inside boiler is burned to 7 green, ginger, garlic is put to explode when becoming heat sweet, put one spoon thick chili sauce, fry piece redFall in love with the sea Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phoneOily.

5, the bean curd with put simmer in water good piece, break up fry, put sugar of one small spoon, put right amount unripe smoke break up fry, put a few clear water.

6, turn over the juice that fry soup to close quickly when working, put a few salt and gallinaceous essence to give boiler can.

How has been the bean curd that the child has done

2, piscine sweet bean curd

Material: Boreal bean curd (together) , thick broad-bean sauce, garlic, ginger, candy, vinegar, soy, salt, oil

DoFall in love with the sea Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phoneLaw:

1, bean curd cuts small (a few smaller compare tasty) , enter oily boiler simmer in water, decoct comes the surface is golden take out reserve.

2, garlic, Jiang QieForum of Shanghai night net Shanghai night netEnd, move sweet juice of a bowl of small fish: Soy 1 spoon, vinegar 2 spoon, white sugar 1 spoon is smooth.

3, oil is entered after boiler burns heat, put ginger garlic powder to fry first sweet.

4, enter thick broad-bean sauce, after frying a fragrance, enter 2 spoon water or soup-stock.

5, enter bean curd piece to fry divide evenly again.

6, enter again beforehand the piscine sweet juice of mix up, conflagration is boiled to receive juice can.

How has been the bean curd that the child has done

3, crackling bean curd

Material: Bean curd 400 grams, egg 1, green chili 1, garlic 3 valve, vinegar is half spoon, unripe draw 2 spoon, white sugar, balm, peanut oil each are right amount.


1, the drop after bean curd immerses with brine does moisture, cut ply size to agree piece.

2, the egg is even agitate, break up becomes egg liquid.

3, will bean curd piece dips in equably on egg fluid.

4, cheer in boiler, burn to 7 into heat, put decoct of bean curd piece to two sides to become golden, install dish.

5, valve[……]

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[the practice of foot of Chi oily chicken]

Article introduction

Well-known, chicken is the commonner fowl in the life, chicken can complement many protein and human body nutrition, besides the chicken that we often eat1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of ShanghaiOutside chest flesh, drumstick, gallinaceous claw most propbably authority is not new, a lot of people had eaten, edible cooking method is more also, be like: Bubble any of several hot spice plants is claw of phoenix claw, hemp hot chicken, salty sweetShanghai noble baby Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a netFoot of oily chicken of claw of hot chicken of gallinaceous foot, hemp, Chi, the article leaves the way of foot of Chi oily chicken with respect to simple introduction, will quickly learn.

The practice of foot of Chi oily chicken

Gallinaceous foot, palm of renown chicken claw, chicken, phoenix claw, phoenix sufficient, the foot that is chicken is ungual, can offer edible. Gallinaceous claw does not call chicken claw on the cookbook of epicure, and say to do phoenix claw. In our country south, but phoenix claw goes up together the renown dish of class, its cooking method is more complex also.

Foot of Chi oily chicken is the cate that waits for make it by oil of gallinaceous foot, Chi, ginger, candy together. Smell of entrance skin bright is sweet, very tasty, mouthfeel is quite good, make simple, a when dispute often suits to entertain kin friend fastfood.

The practice of foot of Chi oily chicken

Shanghai noble baby Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net
Material: Gallinaceous foot, Chi oil, ginger, candy


1, cut off gallinaceous toenail flying water.

2, Shanghai Long Feng forum Forum of baby of new Shanghai nobleRinse with cold water next, again air is stand-by.

3, the boiler that burn heat enters Jiang Fang oil first put gallinaceous foot to break up again fry.

4, fry even later free captive animals is smoked and a few 13 sweet, candy continue to break up fry even.

5, fry even later enter pressure cooker in, water of infuse a few can begin boil about half hours can flameout.

The practice of foot of Chi oily chicken

The practice of other chicken claw

Foot of salty sweet chicken


1, gallinaceous foot abluent behead, toenail chop goes.

2, heat one boiler water, put white vinegar 2 spoon, gallinaceous foot scald ripe, about 3 minutes.

3, river of super-cooling of foot of fish out chicken, drop does moisture to reserve.

4, with last household utensils contains 500 grams cold boiled water, put powder of pink of 1 spoon salt, chicken, sanded ginger, half spoon gourmet powder, pink of chicken of of salt of 2 spoon pepper, 60 grams, smooth hindShanghai Long Feng forum Forum of baby of new Shanghai noblePut gallinaceous foot.

5, immerse 2 – 3 hours, wait for outfit dish is taken out when eating, asperse on a few white sesame seed can.

How to choose gallinaceous claw

When chicken of choose and buy is ungual, the skin colour and lustre of requirement chicken claw shines in vain and be full of burnish, without rudimental yellow crustaceous; Gallinaceous ungual quality of a material is close together, be full of flexibility, the surface is small work or show slightly wet and not sticky hand. If gallinaceous ungual colour and lustr[……]

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[where is shrimp line? ]

ArticleLove Shanghai is the same as a city Fall in love with the seaIntroduction

The flesh of shrimp flesh is compared character tender, flavour little feel well is juicily, taste exceeding bright, the shrimp in modern life also became people special one kind when love feeds capable person, almost the shrimp flesh big food that every family can make cooperate ingredient. And shrimp should handle clean ability travel before cooking, especially the processing of prawn line must careful, Love Shanghai is the same as a city Fall in love with the seaBecause shrimp line is the enteron of shrimp, shrimp line looks to be in below? The personage that likes to have shrimp is OKForum of baby of new Shanghai noble Shanghai noble baby communicates an areaUnderstand. 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

Where is shrimp line?

The back of every shrimp and abdomen have a black line each, that black line of back is the alvine path of shrimp, namely the shrimp line that we say usually or shrimp bowel, it is shrimp has not excrete the thing that go out among them. The thing in shrimp line not only very dirty, and contain a few pairs of healthy and adverse toxin, before cook or must want to get rid of before edible.

1, the will refrigerant shrimp defrost below room temperature.

Can add Wen Shui, quicken defrost. If adding hot water defrost, can make shrimp molten affects little taste.

Do in the home how does shrimp go shrimp line

2, water is changed after defrost.

Refrigerant water too too icy, change water to point to in order to protect a hand.

Do in the home how does shrimp go shrimp line

Where is shrimp line?

3, shrimp head take out.

Shrimp ahead has the secretion of shrimp, it is OK to be save trouble take out. Of course, course processing also can make shrimp head sauce.

Do in the home how does shrimp go shrimp line

4, begin from the back that leans the head closely, insert toothpick.

Wear shrimp carapace broken, next winkle of gently will black line. AttentionLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch Love Shanghai is the same as city forum, had better not choose black route, lest carry black line cut out for many times,give the meat of shrimp.

5, carry on the back down shrimp, continue line.

Shrimp carapace contains calcic amount very tall, can withhold. When pricking housing with toothpick, do not want case of along with shrimp one case as far as possible take out. If make exception of criterion of shelled fresh shrimps.

Where is shrimp line?

6, rinse in clear water.

Go the line passesA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 saunaIn Cheng, appear sometimes black line of the rear hard winkle, rinse with water. Additional, also should notice to clean in shrimp carapace, disconnecting shrimp line may be hanged on housing, can use toothpick winkle.

Where above is to shrimp line namely explained, hope everybody can understand. The flavour of shrimp is delicious and clinking, but should handle clean ability to eat so that be at ease quite.


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